Made children and heirs of God’s promise, we pray for the church, the world, and all in need.

O God, you bring your people together in worship. Enliven your church. Guide all evangelists, preachers, prophets, and missionaries who seek to share your love through word and deed.

You provide water for thirsty ground and sunshine to feed hungry plants. Bless all who work towards the good health of the earth, and inspire all people to show care for the world you have made.

You show no partiality. Increase justice in all nations. Encourage leaders and governments to work with one another for the good of our common world. As we celebrate Labor Day, unite us in seeking the health, safety, and dignity of all.

You accompany those who are most in need. Be with those across the world who are dealing with the effects of hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, flooding, and drought.  Shelter all who flee violence or persecution, and protect those in danger. Be also with those who are sick and grieving.  Today we especially prayer for  Diane Holleman, Marvin Jacobsen, Ace Brandt, Andrea Absey, Sherwood Peterson, Bert Kvamme, Noah Fairfield, Ruth Smith, Joan Barry, Judy Jensen, Rolland Johnson, Jean Stout, Linda Johnson, Leroy Hansen,  and those we name in our hearts in this moment…

You support the work of your disciples. Continue to nurture the leadership and ministries of our congregation, especially those centered around our children and youth this week.   Make Trinity a place of equality, welcome, and full inclusion. Empower us to live out radical hospitality.

Receive these prayers, O God, and those in our hearts known only to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.